You might know the ins and outs of working with freelancers. Whether that’s true or you’re new to it, let’s make sure you have an awesome time and the best ROI working with me.

Chris is a pleasure to work with. From the beginning, he was enthusiastic and proactive. His communication throughout our partnership was great - he was quick to respond to any queries or questions, and was very transparent. Chris’s approach was reflective of his work ethic, as it was strategic, concise and of very high quality. The content he delivered was just what we were after, it felt organised and original and captured the essence we were seeking.

Jasmine Jaffar

Every step of what I do is designed to help you do one simple thing: bridging the gap from your problem to the best possible solution. Whether your copy is not converting, not speaking to your target audience or not representing your voice.

We’ll fix it.

copywriting process

Hi, let’s chat!

You’ve reached out, great! I don’t bite and there’s no time to waste here. So let’s see if we’re a fit. On a quick email, I will ask you things like why you are looking for help with this project and what are your business goals. We’ll understand if budget-wise we’re on the same page and get a rough idea of a potential timeline.

What’s in it for you: you’ll get a quick and clear idea if working with me is something that’s right for you and your business.

A quick look into the future

Next we’ll set up some time where we’ll dive deeper into your business, the problem and what solving it would look like. This cool little step is what most skip, but can get you to your ideal future safe and sound, asap.

What’s in it for you: this will help you clarify the why behind the project and what the financial upside can be for you, if successful.

A Roadmap for success

Once we know I’m your hitman, I will send you my “copywriting strategy worksheet” to help both of us figure out what content you need or the message you should send. If you need help figure this out, we’ll schedule a paid Roadmapping Session. Here we’ll outline all the problems you face and the potential challenges and risks you might meet along the way. When we’re done I’ll deliver a detailed, ready-to-use outline.

What’s in it for you: you’ll have a plan of action to overcome your obstacles and reach your business goals as quickly, economically, and reliably as possible.

Ready, set...go!

After I’ve got all the details and a clear idea of the project scope, I will send you a statement of work you can sign electronically and the final quote. If it’s approved I’ll invoice you for a 50% down deposit. We’re in this for the win!

In the meantime, I may also ask you for any research, analytics, and other info I will need.

What’s in it for you: I’ll schedule your project to start asap (usually 1 week) and you’ll be sure we can get to the best possible solution within your budget.

Getting things done

We finally get to the meat:

  • I’ll start working by researching your market and target audience, to really understand what it takes for them to take action, how they talk and what their deepest hopes, fears and dreams are. I’ll also take a sneaky look into your competition so we know how to set you apart from everything that’s around.
  • I’ll then plan exactly how and what I need to write in a wireframe or outline. Whether you already have a website designed or you still need to figure out where to place things, this will make it clear for everyone involved. Even your designer if you have one.
  • Finally I’ll write the first draft and wrap it up with notes and questions or suggestions.

What’s in it for you: you’ll not have to worry about me disappearing. I will send you regular updates on every important step of the process and deliver you an amazing first draft full of useful insights.

Review and editing

You’ll take a look at the first draft and give me your feedback. We’ll discuss it together and see where to change things up if needed.

When everything looks exactly like you’ve wanted and you’re happy, I’ll invoice you for the remaining 50% and deliver you the final documents.

What’s in it for you: you’ll have all you need to reach your business goals. Mouth-watering, powerful copy that will make your visitors beg for what you offer.


Once you’ve put the copy up on your website to work for you, you’ll quickly know the results. If you need it, I will draft variants so we can always keep improving and consistently get the best results out of it.

What’s in it for you: alternative/optimized pieces of copy you can test to always keep on top and maximize your ROI.

Let's be clear. What matters most to me - and probably to you - is that whatever we work on together, helps you solve your problem. If you're ready to start working on it today, just get in touch!